1. 606px-Coptic_cross.svgDuration of the course:
    • The course consists of 8 semesters. Each semester will be 15 weeks:
      • Twelve (12) lecture weeks and
      • Three weeks for study leave and examinations.
    • The academic year will consist of two semesters:
      • Autumn semester: October to December.
      • Spring semester: February to May.
    • Each semester will consist of 2- 3 compulsory subjects and 1-2 elective subjects.
    • The examination result will be three weeks after the examinations.
  2. College fees will be £30 per semester, covering administrative and miscellaneous expenses. Flexible payment can be arranged. (Examination results will not be released without fee finalisation)
  3. The college graduation certificate will be granted to candidates who successfully complete:
    • Fifteen (15) compulsory subjects , amounting to seventy five (75) credit points and
    • Three elective subjects, amounting to fifteen (15) credit points.

The minimum study period is four years and the maximum is six years.

For more information please contact the college registrar Dr. Samuel Tadros